Little Free Library Update

Here’s the latest to go into the LFL at 68 Reginald St, Queens Park.


Dr Who ‘choose your own adventure’?! That’s probably a collector’s item right there!

We also have,

  • The First of the Penguins by Mary Steele (which is one of those crazy, 70s, Playing Beatie Bow, type books)
  • The Humbles by Hilary Seton (Very ‘The Magician’s Nephew’, which is also in the library)
  • Mattie by G. D. Griffiths (The story of a hedgehog)
  • Ashleigh’s Christmas Miracle by Joanna Campbell (Thoroughbred Super Edition)
  • Fantastic Max – All in a Babe’s Work (As seen on BBC TV!)

The library also had its first comment in the guest book over the weekend (thanks Phonz!) and I’m delighted to see kids stopping by now and then 🙂

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