Little Free Library Update


The LFL seems to be taking off, with six books disappearing over the weekend, although we are still waiting for our first deposit. I really should make some attempt at cataloguing them, as I have no idea what was taken! In an attempt to rectify this situation, and to hopefully spark some interest in the contents of the Library, I thought I would include pictures of new titles in my updates. Today these titles were rotated in from my personal collection.


Is it obvious I’m going through my Hs and Js?

The Johnsons and the James are books I picked up in a multibuy many years ago, and the Hobb is the first in the The Soldier Son Trilogy (which is excellent) that I ended up finishing in eBook format.

The William Horwood book is the second in a series which I read (without having read any of the others, before or since) when I was about eleven. I remember when I bought it mum was hesitant, because she wasn’t sure it would be appropriate. She was right. It contains mole sex (although I didn’t tell her that!). It’s well worth a read for that alone. Hilariously inappropriate.

I digress.

I also added a guestbook to the Library today, so if you are visiting, I’d love to hear from you. I left a note encouraging suggestions, which I will keep in mind for future second-hand-book-scouting.

What would you love to see in a LFL if there was one on your street?

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