Little Free Library Update

I think this weekend could be the one! The BookSwag Little Free Library will hopefully be in place by the beginning of next week. If you haven’t heard of the Little Free Library movement, you should really check it out here.

I’ve had the library box sitting in my lounge room for the past couple of weeks, getting steadily dinged up by the kids and generally being in the way. But with a few days off over the weekend, there’s hope that the brick column for it to sit on in the yard will be built, and that the library can take its place on the front lawn.

With that exciting possibility looming, it’s time to start looking at stocking the library! This week, my mum dropped off a big box of my old books from home, which have been sitting gathering dust for the past 15 years or so. My first instinct was to just chuck them all in the library without looking at them, but of course, when it comes to books, it’s virtually impossible not to turn each one over a few times in your hands and reminisce.

And I’m very glad that I did, as there were a couple of gems that simply had to go into my personal library, and not out into the Little Free one.

The first is Catwitch by Una Woodruff, with text by Lisa Tuttle. As indicated by the attribution, this book is not so much about the story of a cat who becomes a witch, as it is about the beautiful illustrations by Woodruff.

I think I read this book a few hundred times.

The other is The Animals of Plashes Wood – Rufus the Fox, written and illustrated by Graeme Sims.

Where Catwitch was all about magic and fantasy, Rufus the Fox is about life and death. I’m not quite sure what it was about this book that endeared it to me so (especially since the inside cover bears my brother’s name!), considering it is solely about the death of a fox who is shot by a farmer. Maybe it’s the honesty of it, portrayed so simply in a children’s picture book. This one will be staying at home too.

Is there a book from your childhood which makes you nostalgic?

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