Nick Seeley – Cambodia Noir

I was browsing the Simon&Schuster website this morning, when this little beauty caught my eye. Now, I’m not one to usually judge a book by its cover, but this one certainly is striking. It enticed me enough to read the excerpt, which is immediately intriguing.

cambodia-noir-9781501106088_hrIt’s written in diary form, which is not usually my jam, but there is enough substance to the prose to make it feel like more than the usual self indulgent internal monologue.

From the blurb,

“There’s a world of bad things June could have gotten mixed up in. The Phnom Penh underworld is in an uproar after a huge drug bust; a local reporter has been murdered in a political hit; and the government and opposition are locked in a standoff that could throw the country into chaos at any moment. Will’s best clue is June’s diary: an unsettling collection of experiences, memories, and dreams, reflecting a young woman at once repelled and fascinated by the chaos of Cambodia. As Will digs deeper into June’s past, he uncovers one disturbing fact after another about the missing girl and her bloody family history. In the end, the most dangerous thing in Cambodia may be June herself.”

Just from that, and the short excerpt, I get a very ‘Gone Girl’ feeling from this book. A mystery that is carefully unfolded, page by page, with unexpected twists, breakneck speed and a “heart stopping conclusion”.

An international journalist, this is Seeley’s debut novel, which is already garnering praise round the traps after its March release. This is definitely going on the TBR pile!

2 thoughts on “Nick Seeley – Cambodia Noir

    • bookswagblog says:

      Yes, there’s something almost ‘close to home’ about it. Seeley also worked a lot in the Middle East during his journalism career, and I would LOVE to see some crime fiction set there!


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