Vogel Winner 2016 – Katherine Brabon: The Memory Artist

“How can hope exist when the past is so easily forgotten?”

This novel is definitely going in the ‘to read’ pile. It combines a few of my very favourite thimemory-artistngs. Sweeping historical scale, a Russian setting shrouded in romance and a mysterious protagonist, searching through memories of his past.

‘Through recollections and observation, Pasha walks through the landscapes of history, from concrete tower suburbs, to a summerhouse during Russia’s white night summers, to haunting former prison camps in the Arctic north. Pasha’s search to find meaning leads him to assemble a fractured story of Russia’s traumatic past.’

Melbourne author Katherine Brabon’s first novel, The Memory Artist, was written as part of her PhD, and has bagged her the coveted Vogel’s Literary Award. The award has launched the careers of other notable Australian authors, such as Tim Winton and Kate Grenville, and comes with a $20,ooo prize and publication, courtesy of Allen & Unwin. Not bad for a first novel!

The Memory Artist will be available in May 2016.


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